September 14, 2008

Weblok Installer

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Hello! I just finished V 2.0 of Weblok, and is now a proper, super fast, awesome Web Browser! Version 2.0 has been in beta for a week, and, since I got some Kickass new software, made an installer for it! Click the link below to download!

UPDATE!!! Version 2.0 will be the last for at least a year, so I’ll put the link for downloading the installer in the sidebar!



New Design and Custom Designs soon!

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Hello! I just activated a new theme, and I MAY be getting Custom CSS, for a more refined look. That’s it. Wowza. Oh yeah, be sure to check out my design blog, over at http://negydesign.tumblr.com/. There’s gonna be tonnes of design stuff, all by me!

September 13, 2008

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spurs smells like sweaty socks Xo

September 10, 2008

AQ Worlds

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I just found an awesome game! XD! It’s called AQ Worlds, and you can plat it @ http://aqworlds.com

One drawback – You have to have an upgraded account (Costs about $20) in either Mech Quest, Dragon Fable or Adventure Quest. But it’s a MMOG, and you can take on monsters with as many people to help as you want!

September 8, 2008


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Current Events:

31st October – Hallowe’en Extravaganza – Watch my blog be turned into THE place to be on Hallowe’en!

5th November – Bonfire Night – Watch my blog start it’s new craze with a bang

Check back soon for more!

September 7, 2008

Negicle Re Wiired

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Hello, people of the earth, my name is Jamie, and welcome to my blog!

Wow, what a cheesy opening. :D. Anyway, xAguair wrote a post with a little more about him, so, here, I’m going to do the same, therefore, this post has 100% credit to xAguair @ http://aguair.net



September 6, 2008

New Page!

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Hey Everyone! This is just to say about my new page, for Dragon Cave! I’ll put my dragon’s there, and you can put your scroll’s and I’ll add it to the page! Simple!

Oh yeah, Click my new Guardian Dragon

Adopt one today!

No Lego. Don’t worry, he’s in the same boat

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Just a really fast post to tell you to go to my friends blog, http://legoless.com. It rocks!

September 5, 2008

Bacon, French and Rio Ferdinand

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Firstly, I hope you all like my new theme. I’ve worked with WP for nearly 2 Years, so I know it well. Anyway, the title might be a bit weird, but they all have one thing in common – My School. 



Ok, so French is the obvious one. It’s a subject at school, but the cool thing is, I don;t have to do much. Since I qualified for Top Set (The Brainier Ones. XD), I get a couple of days of chilling. Ok, so then the hard work kicks in. I don’t care though. Sweet, sweet, France…….


Bacon. Bacon, bacon, bacon. What would we do without you? My school just bought in a breakfast menu, and a Bacon Butty, with egg, ketchup and sausage, is 60p! 60p!!! That’s like, this much (Makes very small gesture with hands). So, my breakfast is done for the next year. 😀



Rio Ferdinand. The toughie. I’ll probably get sued by her for this, but my ex-girlfriends hair look’s like Rio Ferdinand’s. LOL!!! We broke up on Monday, and I have to sit next to her in English, so I just annoy her. It’s soo funny. If I had a picture, I’d show you it, but the best one i’ve got is one on my mates phone when he caught us behind a shed. Enough said.


That’s basically it. Thanks for looking at the Blog! Oh yeah, I’m starting 3 or 4 Projects. One is a web browser, called Weblok. It sucks at the moment. Lol


All For Now!!!

TheNegster, now in Year 8.

September 3, 2008

Make way firefox the new kid’s on the block, and it’s name is Chrome

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No Joke, it’s called Chrome. Made by Google (Uhhhh!!!), Chrome is surprisingly, err, what’s the word?

Stylish….. Nope



Ahh yes, I remember, Simple


It’s great and all, but a little basic. Ok, so it’s in beta. But when Safari 1 was in beta it was still immense. So you actually want to download it?! Fine, click the logo below


Err, ok, so what I didn’t say above is that Chrome is now my Web Browser. Don’t tell anyone!

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