September 5, 2008

Bacon, French and Rio Ferdinand

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Firstly, I hope you all like my new theme. I’ve worked with WP for nearly 2 Years, so I know it well. Anyway, the title might be a bit weird, but they all have one thing in common – My School. 



Ok, so French is the obvious one. It’s a subject at school, but the cool thing is, I don;t have to do much. Since I qualified for Top Set (The Brainier Ones. XD), I get a couple of days of chilling. Ok, so then the hard work kicks in. I don’t care though. Sweet, sweet, France…….


Bacon. Bacon, bacon, bacon. What would we do without you? My school just bought in a breakfast menu, and a Bacon Butty, with egg, ketchup and sausage, is 60p! 60p!!! That’s like, this much (Makes very small gesture with hands). So, my breakfast is done for the next year. 😀



Rio Ferdinand. The toughie. I’ll probably get sued by her for this, but my ex-girlfriends hair look’s like Rio Ferdinand’s. LOL!!! We broke up on Monday, and I have to sit next to her in English, so I just annoy her. It’s soo funny. If I had a picture, I’d show you it, but the best one i’ve got is one on my mates phone when he caught us behind a shed. Enough said.


That’s basically it. Thanks for looking at the Blog! Oh yeah, I’m starting 3 or 4 Projects. One is a web browser, called Weblok. It sucks at the moment. Lol


All For Now!!!

TheNegster, now in Year 8.


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